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Marie Sester

The project was supported by Eyebeam (New York, USA) and by the Creative Capital Foundation (New York, USA).

Concept and Direction Marie Sester

Achim Goebel: Overall Management and and Technical development
André Bernhardt: Computer Vision Tracking
Arne Graesser: Server / Terminal
Torsten Ziegler: Audio Beam and Media Flash Server

Past Version Collaborators To view the Credits for ACCESS at ZKM , please click here
Jan Gerigk, Manfred Hauffen, Josh Rooke-Ley, Tarikh Korula, Headlong Dance Theater, Ann Poochareon, Mark Argo, Defne Ayas, Shawn Van Every, Meredith Finkelstein, Evan Raskob, Jeffrey Galusha, Alyssa Wright, Kevin Feeley, Dan Moss, Junko Otsuki, Ignazio Moresco, Nathan Garbacz, Arnaud Pilpré, Hiroshi Yoshioka, Andreas Schneider, Atsuhito Sekiguchi, Masami Hirabayashi, Shun Sasajima, Kenji Ueda, Tsuyoshi Fuyama, Masayuki Akamatsu, Takahiro Kobayashi, Jean-Marc Pelletier, Kanae Ito, Jiyoung Sheen, Jim McKee, Bill Thibault.

Special Thanks to:

Bryce Wolkowitz, Loretta Savery, Janet Stott, Michael Blaha, Christel Sorin.

Ruby Lerner
, Executive Director, and Colleen Keegan, Strategic Planning Consultant, Creative Capital Foundation, New York.

John S. Johnson, Executive Director, Benjamin Weil, Curatorial Chair, and Jonah Peretti, Director of R&D, Eyebeam, New York.

Red Burns, Chair, Dan O'Sullivan, Professor of Communications, Research Scientist, Tom Igoe, Professor of Communications, Physical Computing, George Agudow, Administrative Director, and Midori Yasuda, Special Events Coordinator, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), New York University.

Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO, Bernd Lintermann, Head of Institute for Visual Media, Petra Kaiser, Project Management, ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany.

Ken Perlin, Co-Director, Rebecca Ross, Research Scientist, Jefferson Han, Research Scientist, Dan Rosenfeld, Research Scientist, Clilly Castiglia, Director of Operations, Center for Advanced Technology (CAT), New York University.

Itsuo Sakane, President, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), Ogaki, Japan.

Yoshinori Niwa, Director, Research and Development Division, and Jean-Christophe Terrillon, Senior Researcher, Human and Object Interaction Processing (HOIP), Softopia Center, Ogaki, Japan.

John Melick, President, Blue Medium Inc., New York.

Jodi Peikoff, President, Jodi Peikoff Law Office P.C., New York.

Christoph Bregler, Assistant Professor, Courant Institute and Media Research Lab, Computer Science Dept., New York University.

Support has been provided by:

Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), Japan
Human and Object Interaction Processing (HOIP), Japan
New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), USA
New York University Center for Advanced Technology (CAT), USA
Tokyo Butai Showmei Company, Japan
Macromedia, Inc., USA
Holosonic Research Labs, Inc., USA
Scharff Weisberg, Inc., USA
High End Systems, Inc. USA

Many thanks to: F. Joseph Pompei, Josh Weisberg, Lee Magadini, Nick Peall, Chris Hock, and Hiroyuki Kadosaka.

And finally to: Andrea Harner, Agnes Han, Perry Lowe, Janice Arakaki, and Michael Naimark.

This project was made possible with support from the Eyebeam Emerging Fields Division Residency Program, New York.

ACCESS is a project of Creative Capital, USA.


© 2004, marie sester

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